Do you have a great business idea, but find yourself short on cash to get your venture off the ground?

Don’t worry, you’re not alone. There comes a time in the life of all businesses when great ideas are halted by lack of capital. While traditional means like loans and the use of credit are still options, the internet has ushered in a new form of business fundraising: crowdfunding.

Rather than spending time work shopping pitches or trying to find a specific investor, crowdfunding can allow you to make your pitch to the entire world through the internet. $17.2 …

Business meeting that reflects an inclusive company culture.
Business meeting that reflects an inclusive company culture.

Is your company making the appropriate effort to foster an environment of inclusion? You likely know it’s important, but the stats supporting why it’s important may surprise you.

According to a recent survey by Deloitte, 80 percent of respondents say inclusion is an important factor in choosing an employer. In fact, 72 percent of the same respondents indicated that they would leave or consider leaving an organization for one that is more inclusive.

But what does an inclusive workforce look like? It’s one where a team member feels a sense of belonging, comfort in using their voice, participating in the…

How many email notifications do you get every day that you immediately brush off and ignore? If you’re like most business owners, the answer is probably a lot — even if you make a conscious effort to go through regularly and unsubscribe yourself from the email lists you aren’t engaging with.

When you think of newsletters, those are probably the emails you think of. Those emails that frustrate you, or that immediately remind you to take action to remove yourself from a list. That line of thinking may give you pause in determining your path in sending newsletters.

But no…

Illustrated cell phone with the title, Boost Your Social Media Through Conversations.
Illustrated cell phone with the title, Boost Your Social Media Through Conversations.

Social media is constantly changing.

What do we mean by constantly changing?

In 2020 alone, Google had seven core updates to their search engine, Facebook updated both their feed and marketing algorithm, and Tik Tok officially surpassed 500 million users. That doesn’t include changes to Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, or YouTube.

Oftentimes, just simply setting up social media accounts and creating marketing plans can feel overwhelming, let alone staying on top of every search engine that is coming and going.

However, despite the seemingly impossible task of staying up-to-date on the ins and outs of social media, it doesn’t have…

Email marketing in 2021 graphic
Email marketing in 2021 graphic

R.I.P. Email Marketing

For years now, people have been working hard to spread the narrative that “email marketing is dead.”

Whether you realized it or not, we have all been through the same weekly ritual: a new marketing platform, technique, or functionality is introduced and everyone scrambles to call it the best way to market yourself or your business.

There’s one problem with that…

Email marketing is alive and well, and even stronger than ever.

It may not be new, and it may not be flashy but the cost and reach of email far exceed that of any other marketing tool.

In this…

How Generating a Positive Community Impact Can Help Your Business Title Image with a community business icon
How Generating a Positive Community Impact Can Help Your Business Title Image with a community business icon

Every decision a business makes has residual effects on its community impact.

In recent years, a commitment to community responsibility has contributed to the success of many companies. More and more consumers are seeking out brands that are making efforts to improve local communities. In fact, according to research from Accenture, customers are more likely to spend money with a company when their brand purposes reflect issues that matter to them.

To succeed, businesses must be able to respond to what their communities need. The relationship between a business and its customers should be symbiotic, where both parties rely on…

It’s good to have a reputation. Sometimes, though, a reputation doesn’t quite cover everything.

Many people know and trust Better Business Bureau. If you’re looking for a contractor or wanting to find out more information about the company you’re purchasing something from, we’ve likely got the information you’re looking for.

But what we do goes so far beyond that. For consumers and businesses alike, the resources that BBB Serving the Pacific Southwest provides cover a wide range of needs and initiatives. We offer education, scholarships, and business enrichment opportunities accessible to everyone.

BBB for Entrepreneurs

Our commitment to businesses extends beyond reviews and…

Entrepreneurship and innovation image with a light bulb.
Entrepreneurship and innovation image with a light bulb.

In the highly competitive world that we live in, innovative ideas are what will separate you from the rest.

To create an outstanding product and strong brand you need to innovate. But innovation doesn’t always mean creating something new. Innovators will often take existing products and ideas and tweak them to make them the best solution for their customers. Innovative ideas are one of the factors that makes a business competitive.

The world has plenty of issues that are hard to solve and that will continue to demand a solution. Far-sighted, creative ideas and innovative solutions are required to solve…

How closely is your business monitoring its customer feedback? A business’s reputation can be influenced by unfavorable customer reviews and complaints, so it’s important to know what you need to do when one shows up.

Think of it from the other perspective: how often have you had an unsatisfying experience with a business and shared your experience in a public forum? And, if you received a personalized response from the business, how did that make you feel? …

What do you think Better Business Bureau does?

For most people, Better Business Bureau is a resource: a place to access reviews and establish trust in companies. People look for positive recommendations through reviews or the BBB Trust Seal to know that the money they spend is in good hands.

The value of BBB Business Accreditation doesn’t stop there. At Better Business Bureau Serving the Pacific Southwest, we are committed to being a resource for business knowledge and management tips. …

BBB Serving the Pacific Southwest

Let’s talk trust! Follow your Better Business Bureau for business resources, tips on maintaining honesty and integrity, and marketplace news.

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