BBB Serving the Pacific Southwest Awards $40k to Arizona Nonprofits

Better Business Bureau Serving the Pacific Southwest (BBB) recently concluded their inaugural Empower By GoDaddy business incubator program.

Twenty-eight entrepreneurs graduated from the program, and an additional eleven Arizona nonprofits were awarded sub-grants to further their business development in the community.

Awardees were chosen as leaders in the business community and were funded to further their mission. Each nonprofit organization aligns with BBB’s mission for trust and integrity in the community. Several of the awarded nonprofits serve minority populations and BBB is pleased the funds will help amplify the work they are already doing.

“Nonprofit organizations that serve underrepresented entrepreneurs and vulnerable communities are in critical need of funding now more than ever and BBB is proud to provide sub-grants to help,” said Kimberly Roland, Director of Innovation and Entrepreneur Programs at BBB Serving the Pacific Southwest.

To fulfill the sub-grant criteria, each nonprofit awardee will execute an initiative that supports their cause by the end of the year. A detailed report will be submitted to BBB describing the impact, key performance indicators, metrics, and lessons learned from the project.

“We are so excited to receive a sub-grant! The money allows us to offer five vulnerable youth internships to further their career and entrepreneur exploration by partnering with other businesses to provide training,” says Bethany Priebe, Cultivate Coffee/Crowd to Community co-founder.

2020 BBB Empower Arizona Subgrantees

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