Brands That Give Back: Why Corporate Social Responsibility is Important

GoDaddy Donates to Support Main St. Businesses

What compels us to make a purchase or do business with a brand?

Sure, good products, great customer service, and a solid vision top the list. But often, it’s what company’s do on their off time that reels us in. It’s the story their actions convey that swells our hearts.

With the rise in brands focusing on their corporate social responsibility, consumers are drawn to those doing good. Those giving back. And those supporting others.

GoDaddy shares in its corporate social responsibility policy that “helping others is a vital part of our philosophy, and we showcase this every day through our participation as leaders in the community.” As an organization where assisting entrepreneurs is embedded in its mission, GoDaddy gives back through multiple platforms to support the business community.

With the hit of the global COVID-19 pandemic, many businesses were left in crisis mode. The need for grant and loan relief became dire for most Main St. businesses and entrepreneurs who were forced to close their doors. Unfortunately, not all businesses qualified to receive these funds leaving them without assistance. In April 2020, Better Business Bureau Serving the Pacific Southwest (BBB) created the Main St. Matters Grant program to provide emergency funding for small businesses.

With the growing number of applications from business owners, it was evident that additional donations were necessary to ensure the largest impact possible.

Help was needed, and GoDaddy stepped up.

GoDaddy Partnership

With a trusted reputation of enhancing every stage of the business journey, GoDaddy did not hesitate in extending a helping hand to expand the impact of the Main St. Matters grant program. GoDaddy’s generous contribution is helping more applicants access potentially business saving capital.

We’re proud to join an incredible and necessary initiative. Main St. Matters allows us to expand on our support of #OpenWeStand and Empower by GoDaddy in partnership with BBB to not only provide tools and resources, but to offer monetary assistance to small businesses who need it most.”

Stacy Cline, Director of Corporate Social Responsibility for GoDaddy.

Support for Entrenprenuers

This donation will allow for a significant number of additional Main St. businesses to receive grant funds. Every last penny of funds raised are going directly to businesses in need, who are awarded after a highly thorough vetting process. GoDaddy has generously committed to support businesses throughout the BBB Pacific Southwest region. All businesses that have applied across Greater Arizona and Southern California will have the chance to access this small business relief.

corporate social responsibility covid19 empty business
corporate social responsibility covid19 empty business
Through Main St. Matters, BBB Serving the Pacific Southwest is helping to pave the way for social corporate responsibility.

GoDaddy supports numerous BBB initiatives to enhance it’s ongoing dedication to serve the community and its entrepreneurs. Many of the businesses they support give back to their local communities too, keeping the continuous cycle of good rolling.

In order to help as many ethical businesses in the community as possible, BBB continues to seek donations to fulfill the high demand of the program. Those inspired to support Main St. businesses with donations of funds, services, time, equipment, donate directly here.

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