Business Credibility Stands out in a Nation of Unrest

What defines business credibility among business competition?

What drives customers to return, over and over again?

Eye-catching marketing…sure.

Great prices…probably.

Top-notch offerings…yes.

How about creating a lasting impression well after the transaction is complete?


“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” — Maya Angelou.

She was really on to something.

So, what does that lasting impression encompass?

The integrity your business exudes. It includes holding true to your prices. Being transparent with your contracts. Calling back and showing up on time. Remaining current on required licensing. Providing a stellar product or service. Completing the job. Stepping up to the plate if something doesn’t go as planned.

Ask yourself: Did my business leave such a phenomenal impression with my customer that he couldn’t help but refer everyone he knows?

That’s the end game right there. That is business credibility.

In an unsettled nation, people are searching for trust and honesty. Unknowns are swirling like tornadoes, so having something we can count on is a welcome respite from the storm. Consumers deal with the marketplace daily, maybe even hourly, and trusted businesses stand out from the crowd. You know that gut feeling we’re told about? It’s telling you something.

Small businesses have been faced with new challenges that were previously unknown. The navigation of hiring staff remotely, implementing new regulations to open safely, and finding innovative ways to connect to the community while remaining physically apart are some of the new normals. So much is new, it can be overwhelming.

Consumers choose businesses who have taken necessary precautions for what lies ahead, but these businesses need guidance too.

As the one of largest trade associations with over 100 years of experience supporting businesses, Better Business Bureau Serving the Pacific Southwest (BBB) knows a thing or two about pivoting with the unknown. BBB is always stepping up their game to find new ways to support their Accredited Businesses, especially during challenging times. (Are we tired of that phrase yet? When does it just become…”the times”?)

To magnify its mission of advancing marketplace trust, BBB tacked on some new additions to its lineup of benefits offered to Accredited Businesses. Recently added benefits from Indeed, Key To Strength and National Safety Council, Arizona Chapter, amplify a toolbox of support to enhance a company’s ability to build a better brand.

Online interview discussing business credibility.

In partnership with Indeed, BBB Accredited Businesses now receive a $200 sponsored job credit to assist in finding the right employees for their team. Sponsored jobs receive optimal visibility, delivering more quality applicants to your job.

Safety masks used to help display credibility in businesses safely reopening.

To help businesses reopen and grow their team safely, the National Safety Council, Arizona Chapter is offering a virtual training program, Return Safe. Work Safe, at a discounted fee for Accredited Businesses. The program helps employers and employees feel comfortable in returning to work while giving customers the confidence to patronize their small business.

While many businesses are on the upswing, countless are still in crucial need of funding. Positive community impact is good for your business, as it can boost employee engagement and build brand recognition. Key to Strength is an innovative marketing campaign that provides an opportunity for a business to help a nonprofit in need, and Accredited Business specials include co-branded donor gifts.

In addition to timely new benefits, BBB’s core offerings remain solid. When a BBB Trust Seal is earned, it comes with discounts to sustain business operations, a free web page, avenues to get more exposure and access to exclusive power listings. BBB Accredited Businesses uphold Accreditation Standards and must embody integrity throughout their operations, adding to their credibility.

If you could have someone in your corner, verifying that your business does the right thing…why wouldn’t you take the invitation?

Let’s talk trust! Follow your Better Business Bureau for business resources, tips on maintaining honesty and integrity, and marketplace news.

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