At BBB Serving the Pacific Southwest, we get a lot of questions about choosing companies to work with — whether that be general contractors, auto dealers, or HVAC companies.

You never want to feel like you are throwing money away without solving your problem.

In fact, knowing what to look for in a company can save you thousands of dollars.

So what exactly should you look for in a company?

HVAC Companies

As summer kicks it up a notch, HVAC companies are in high demand. On alone, we received over 41 thousand inquiries for HVAC companies since April.

Typically, by the time you are looking for an HVAC company, your air conditioner has already failed. But that doesn’t mean you have to pick the first company that you find. Simply follow the steps below to ensure that you are choosing the best company for you.

Before you take the steps to find an HVAC company, be sure to look at your air conditioning unit. It is important to know the model and make of your unit, as well as the issue at hand. Is your unit making noise? Can you feel air blowing out of the vents inside the house? Diagnosing the basic issues early will help to establish what your needs are.

We suggest searching for businesses on both and Google. By searching on BBB, you will find businesses local to your area, that you can cross-reference their reviews and complaints (more on that below).

The second place to search is Google. A Google Search will deliver to you hundreds of businesses in less than a blink of an eye. But there are two key places to look that will help narrow down the field. The first place to look is what’s called the Search Engine Results Page (also known as SERP). These will be a series of Google ads and organic results.

Google results pave for choosing an hvac company.
Google results pave for choosing an hvac company.
Google Search results for local HVAC company. Notice the first two websites are the organic search results and the third result is a paid ad.

What you will want to look for are the organic listings. These will most often times be the larger companies because Google recognizes businesses with the most traffic to their website, time in business and various other factors will most likely be the types of businesses you are interested in.

Local Google Search results for choosing the best HVAC company.
Local Google Search results for choosing the best HVAC company.
On the left is the company names along with the Google Reviews.

The second place to look is on the local map search. These will be the businesses that are closest to you. From there, in one snapshot, you can view the number of reviews that a business has, whether or not they have a website, and where they are located. From here, we suggest choosing three businesses.

Now that you’ve narrowed down the companies you want to work with. Be sure to cross-reference reviews. Most companies will have reviews on various platforms like Google, Yelp, and Facebook — it is important to look into each. What you will want to look out for most is finding reviews that match your current issue.

Once you look into the reviews of the companies, it is now time to dive into their BBB profile. Simply go to and search for the business at hand. What you want to take a keen interest in is the BBB rating, reviews, and complaints. profile page for choosing the right HVAC company. profile page for choosing the right HVAC company.

It is important to note that just because a business has a complaint, doesn’t make it a bad company. By answering complaints, businesses showcase their willingness and ability to solve problems. You especially will want to take note of the businesses that work to assist their customer.

BBB makes it easy to search, review, and submit a request for a quote on our website. Simply go to the business’s profile that you are looking for, and click on the orange button, “Get a Quote.”

It’s always important to receive any bid in writing. If a business wants to cut you a deal with a simple handshake, this is not a business you want to work with. By receiving a bid in writing, you and the business have clear expectations for how the process will work.

While this isn’t exactly about choosing an HVAC company to work with, businesses always appreciate when you share the good work that they did. You can always leave a review at

Find Local HVAC Companies in Your Area

As always BBB is here to help you in your search for honest, ethical companies to work with. If you are wanting to start your search for local HVAC Companies on, click HERE.

Let’s talk trust! Follow your Better Business Bureau for business resources, tips on maintaining honesty and integrity, and marketplace news.

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