Veteran Businesses Hit Hard By Pandemic, But Poised for Triumph

Countless industries and demographics have been hit hard by the current pandemic. Some companies are changing their business model on the fly, while others are still treading water. But Veterans in particular are poised with a military skill set to steer their business clear of destruction through these difficult times. While they may not be out of the woods completely, they certainly have countless support mechanisms to wade the changes. Better Business Bureau Serving the Pacific Southwest (BBB) offers tips and resources to help.

Use Your Skill Set

Veteran leadership, enterprise and businesses have created jobs, opportunities and support for the U.S. economy. Unfortunately, during these recent unprecedented times, Veterans have been hit by one of the greatest job losses in recent years. They may be down, but they are certainly not broken. The rigorous military training helps leaders find innovative and quick solutions to a crisis, and creates an atmosphere for becoming adaptable. Using these skills, Veterans have a stockpile of reserved options for looking at problems through a different lens.

Stay Educated

Tried and true resources are abundant for military members and Veterans, and even more organizations are jumping in. BBB, in partnership with GoDaddy, recently hosted a virtual Veteran Ventures Summit on June 30, 2020. This educational summit offered support for Veterans navigating through these times and provide opportunities for entrepreneur services. The free event featured information about job offerings, training and certification programs to start a new venture.

Find Your Support System

In addition to well known resources like Veterans Affairs, other organizations, who may not be top of mind for military support, have come to the table. Many local states and counties are creating Veteran’s Resource Teams to ensure wrap around support. For the BBB Veteran Ventures Summit, several partners will be providing their expertise on professional development. Featured speakers included:

Keep an eye out for more events hosted by BBB on our website. This summit was the third of a three-part series uplifting refugee, women and Veteran entrepreneurs. Additional questions regarding BBB and it’s upcoming events or resources can be emailed to

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